Monday, May 17, 2010



WWOOW!! Here I am facing a stupendous feeling, my son having turned one yr old!

Last year, may 10th,on mother’s day, I delivered Aarav, my son at The Cradle maternity hospital!! The main reason for this blog of mine, is just to share my wonderful experience of having delivered at The Cradle, and if I must say, one should enter the place to get the bang of it!

This is indeed the world class maternity hospital as the song “The cradle, the cradle, the cradle , ..... a world class maternity hospital…….” goes!! (call up 40202222, to listen to this song). Such an impeccable care is taken by the nurses and doctors at this hospital and it is unbelievable but true..! It’s a reminiscence for me to open up and share the delivering joy! One is in sure safe hands I must say and keep one’s fears at bay! They have a great panel of doctors to guide us and lead us our way!

And for all the amathophobists and neat freaks, this place is kept absolutely spick and span. The rooms are cleaned twice daily and on request done again.! I mean you will just not get a "no" for anything here! Everybody here are amicable. The rooms are so capacious and air conditioned thoroughly! The building as a whole bears a rakish touch! The lobby area laps up the attention gracefully! Well you guys can be sure that i'm not handing you a line and most definitely its not apocryphal too! It is just the simple truth.

Another incident that made me feel very good is that, during the rainy season, there will be one guy carrying an umbrella to receive you and take you into the hospital! oh! what a genteel gesture! I also experienced that if you call the hospital and nobody receives, you will get a call back immediately.! It may not be a big deal to many but these are the trivial few that makes the difference because the vital many are usually the common tasks done. At The Cradle,from the wardboys, to the housekeeping, to the watchmen, to nurses, to the lactation specialists, to the dieticians, to the radiologists , to the physiotherapists and finally to the doctors, all of them just rock! I mean forget the labor, i have found the Labor of Love in all of them.

Reaching the apogee, i have said a mouthful about it and if you have'nt been to this place, i think you should take a crack at it once and carry a mental film of it only to develop it later. In a nutshell, it is indeed a delivering joy at The Cradle!

Thursday, April 22, 2010



“You cannot make an omelette without breaking eggs” it is so true, but does the same principle apply even to us??? Is it that the best in us will come out when we are subjected to hurt and ill treatment? Well this is my question of concern and want to know better about it.

According to me, hurt is going to hamper one’s confidence in doing any task! Come on, why do you have to undergo hurt or ill treatment either physically or mentally to achieve anything at all is what I feel! If i have to get hurt by chance on my way of doing what I am dogged to do, I have to face it! But on the other hand, if I have to get hurt by choice, I definitely don’t want to choose it. I want to know how many of you all want to choose it???

When I was in my teens and was swimming for state, I had a friend of mine, whose dad used to hit her just because she would not give her best timings in the competition, and after every episode of hitting, she would give her best. Is it worth the hitting?? Why do u have to get hurt in order to achieve your timings. If one can, one will be doing it, why do they have to be treated like an animal is what I want to ask?? This might be a small example but still I wanted to quote! Cant u really achieve anything at all in life without being hurt and exposed to ill treatment??

I am really not impressed with the idea of “pain is gain?? For what joy?? May be this principle, will bring fruits to some,"each to their own" though! And if I must say I may not achieve anything big at all, its my problem thoroughly! I believe in “where there is a will there is a way”. If I am determined to do something I should be able to, I must not and do not want to invite hurt on my way! Well this doesn’t mean I will have or rather have an easy path to achieve the goal!

I think, things can be done and achieved when told in a genteel and an appropriate manner. This is a knack by itself I guess. Patience, plays its key role to this I suppose! It lies in what is told and in what manner it is told! Why would one not try giving their best when told in a sauve and congenial manner. Why is this wrong idea about-“pain is gain in the bargain” concept I really do not understand! I am not saying everything in life can be achieved easily and in a smooth manner! What I am asking is- is it necessary to invite hurt to grow??

Your achievement depends totally on your capabilities, does’nt it?? Do you have to undergo mental and physical turmoil to achieve big??? I am even for a second not saying that bonafides are a humbug! Definitely not! But why do you have to walk on a tight rope all the time to reach the other side of the shore when u have a path meant to reach that shore peacefully, even if it is going to take a little longer by distance and time! Whether you can reach the shore or not depends on your ability totally! Why unnecessarily tax your mental and physical strengths to achieve! If one says “Take the hurt and hardships with a smiling face” how is it possible, I mean all the time??

Finally if Hurt must and should be an invitation and an ingredient of Growth, then how do you handle that hurt please tell me???

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Well, i really don’t know if i have to believe in the saying- "All is fair in love and war". Come on, how can disrespect be fair at all i must say! For me LOVE is a dish which has respect, faith, trust, friendship as its main ingredients. Anything bereft of these is definitely not love!

What made me write this blog was a call from one of my friend, name definitely not to be disclosed...who had to tell me of her husband who loves her like a Romeo when he happens to be in good moods and who turns into a tamer with a whip when he gets really angry! I heard he literally goes to the extent of kicking and slapping her at times! (Such a behavior is an affront to society is it not??).Definitely my friend is more definitely pissed off and is in a funk on such latter days!

But there is no question of separation or anything like that btw the belligerent couple cos my friend says "oh Achu he really loves me like anything, i can swear it on my mom, and u sld trust me wen i say this" which really meant his bark is worse than his bite to me though!!

So my real next question is it really worth being tamed while being loved!!

How can u ever disrespect someone whom u really happens to love! Does -"familiarity breeds contempt" come in the way i do not know! But ya, definitely contempt should not mean kicking and slapping though!

What i would wanna say is when u love, how can you ever badger the loved one with any such nonsense! Is it worth being tamed like that just because you are getting love in return?

Every individual loves to be loved! I also don’t believe in the concept of falling in love at all, cos all of us have to rise in love and not fall in love! I do not think there is any saturation level to this love because i believe love is an infinite and immortal feeling that only, we, the supreme human beings are blessed with, more so with a mouth to express it thoroughly to our loved ones whole heartedly!

Well this is all i wanted to share with all of you!

Finally according to me disrespect can’t fall between the cracks in the relationship of love or for that matter in any relationship i must say!

It is still an enigma for me - "All is fair in love and war" ???????