Monday, May 17, 2010



WWOOW!! Here I am facing a stupendous feeling, my son having turned one yr old!

Last year, may 10th,on mother’s day, I delivered Aarav, my son at The Cradle maternity hospital!! The main reason for this blog of mine, is just to share my wonderful experience of having delivered at The Cradle, and if I must say, one should enter the place to get the bang of it!

This is indeed the world class maternity hospital as the song “The cradle, the cradle, the cradle , ..... a world class maternity hospital…….” goes!! (call up 40202222, to listen to this song). Such an impeccable care is taken by the nurses and doctors at this hospital and it is unbelievable but true..! It’s a reminiscence for me to open up and share the delivering joy! One is in sure safe hands I must say and keep one’s fears at bay! They have a great panel of doctors to guide us and lead us our way!

And for all the amathophobists and neat freaks, this place is kept absolutely spick and span. The rooms are cleaned twice daily and on request done again.! I mean you will just not get a "no" for anything here! Everybody here are amicable. The rooms are so capacious and air conditioned thoroughly! The building as a whole bears a rakish touch! The lobby area laps up the attention gracefully! Well you guys can be sure that i'm not handing you a line and most definitely its not apocryphal too! It is just the simple truth.

Another incident that made me feel very good is that, during the rainy season, there will be one guy carrying an umbrella to receive you and take you into the hospital! oh! what a genteel gesture! I also experienced that if you call the hospital and nobody receives, you will get a call back immediately.! It may not be a big deal to many but these are the trivial few that makes the difference because the vital many are usually the common tasks done. At The Cradle,from the wardboys, to the housekeeping, to the watchmen, to nurses, to the lactation specialists, to the dieticians, to the radiologists , to the physiotherapists and finally to the doctors, all of them just rock! I mean forget the labor, i have found the Labor of Love in all of them.

Reaching the apogee, i have said a mouthful about it and if you have'nt been to this place, i think you should take a crack at it once and carry a mental film of it only to develop it later. In a nutshell, it is indeed a delivering joy at The Cradle!


  1. "I mean you will just not get a "no" for anything here! Everybody here are amicable."
    I'd expect nothing less, if I am paying a fortune for the services!
    The picture you've painted is one dimensional at best and will be complete when you mention the price of it all.
    No Negatives?? That's a little hard to believe! I can think of one straight of the top of my head- "No MD Radiologists" the last time I checked.

  2. Archu.... You could SO be their Brand Ambassador!! They would LOVE to have you...!! :p Anyway.. I am sure it was GREAT! :):)

  3. @aku. thankss dear.. hope the owner reads and give me discounts.. lol!!